Our Team

We believe that a happy team is important to creating happy clients. Our culture puts our clients first, even if it means that we don’t make any money. Our mission: To help our merchants succeed even if it means we don’t make money.

Jay El-Kaake

CEO & Engineer
Jay has over 15 years engineering eCommerce solutions. He was previously the founder and CEO of Smile.io, before working for BigCommerce and founded Wellfounded. Jay is co-author of Amazon top seller “The Software Engineer’s Guide to Freelance Consulting”, attended University of Waterloo for Software Engineering and has an MBA from the Ivey Business School. Aside from programming, Jay enjoys playing guitar/drums and haning out with his Golden Retriever.

Kopila Adukia

Support Engineer
Kopila previously led support engineering at Smile IO, the world’s most popular eCommerce loyalty platform among merchants. She is Magento Frontend Engineering certified and has a degree in Computer Engineering. Aside from helping create happy merchants, Kopila enjoys spending time with family and traveling to new places.
Bill Silly Headshot

Bill Kaake

Billing & Admin
Bill works on our Client Success team and also handles Fera.ai’s finances. He’s really into cars (ask him about his time at Toyota!). Bill studied Economics, Management, Accounting and Finance at the University of the State of New York (USNY) and Beirut University College. He speaks both French and English fluently.
Holden Silly Headshot

Holden Penaloza

Client Success Engineer
Holden works on our Client Success team. He previously worked for Kinitivo and is a highly experience administrative assistant with a background history in computer software. In Holden’s free time you’ll find him playing with his 22 (yes 22!) dogs, or on the beach combing the sands or diving. He’s worked with members of the Conchologists of America looking for seashell specimens in the Phillipines!

Daniel Wyckoff

Full Stack Engineer
Daniel is a Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo, finalizing his degree this fall. He enjoys taking on projects in new technologies, and is working to become a full-stack developer. In his spare time, he enjoys building custom PCs and creating the perfect cup of coffee. Check out his website at danielwyckoff.ca

Lisa Glutting

Client Success & Growth Expert
Lisa previously handled carrier sales operations at BlackBerry, product management at BASF in New Jersey, and customer support at Nestle. She attended the University of Waterloo for Environment & Business studies. Lisa is an avid soccer fan-waiting every year for the next FIFA Cup. She enjoys volunteering and learning new languages. Did you know she can speak German?

Mohammad Mehyo

Software Engineer
Mohammed has 8 years of software support experience in the UAE. He previously led a support team that was in charge of an SAP ERP lanscape. He moved back to Canada to work on new and exciting challenges. Mohammed is a graduate of Honours Computer Science from Wilfred Laurier University.

Jameela Ghann

Marketing & Partnerships Manager
Jameela spends her time helping businesses grow their brand, boost traffic, increase lead generation, and convert visitors into customers! She has over seven years of business, marketing, and e-commerce experience, and also runs the social enterprise Alora Boutique. Aside from marketing, Jameela enjoys philosophy and learning about emerging technologies.


A-Class Performer
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